About Clean Chemistry and its Founders

Why Clean Chemistry?

Recovery of unconventional oil and gas resources like shale gas, and tight oil using hydraulic fracturing requires large volumes of treated water. Energy producers face increased demand and limited supply of water resources. The need for cost-effective, efficient water management solutions is greater than ever before, and will continue to present challenges.

As an innovation-driven water treatment technology company, Clean Chemistry is solving emergent problems stemming from the recent advances and acceleration of oil and gas production. We have developed the next generation of oxidant chemistries based on activated oxygen in liquid formulations for water treatment, reuse, and recycling, particularly for use in hydraulic fracturing and enhanced oil recovery (EOR) processes. Read below to learn how Clean Chemistry can improve your oilfield operations.

Our Solutions Perform Better

Every water is different. Site location and geological formation make water chemistry and composition highly variable from one site to the next. Produced water will also fluctuate significantly during the life of a well. Treatment systems must be flexible so that they can accommodate changes in the feed water quality. Lack of tunability can lead to poor performance in contaminant reduction and removal. Clean Chemistry’s innovative technologies combine unique chemistries with a highly tunable system that can zero in on water quality that meets your exact specs. By leveraging our proprietary oxidant with highly flexible equipment and industry experience, we are able to adapt our process on the fly by essentially turning knobs to meet changing water quality challenges and requirements.

Our Solutions Cost Less

Trucking fresh water in and produced water out is costly and creates logistical hurdles to overcome. Treating water onsite so it is reusable extends the life cycle of water at well sites. But, more extensive processes, such as use of membranes, evaporators, EC, DAF clarifiers and other biological treatment processes, are more expensive, complex and should be used only when necessary. Clean Chemistry’s process using reactive oxygen species (ROS) is all chemical, so we are able to reduce the capital cost of our platform by almost 10x versus the fancy trailer guys. Clean Chemistry is the most effective, least expensive option with the simplest equipment.

Our Solutions Are More Efficient

Using approaches not previously known or exploited, Clean Chemistry’s technology represents a significant disruption to the current inefficiencies in the production, distribution and performance of oxidation and disinfection chemistry. Competing ROS treatments are effective in relatively clean water, but are very inefficient in highly contaminated water. And by being an all chemical process, Clean Chemistry’s platform is essentially a customized pump skid, so we are able to deliver a very large amount of chemistry with a small footprint requiring no more than a standard wall outlet to power the unit.

Our Solutions Are Safer

Conventional water treatment methods, such as chlorine dioxide (ClO2), can be volatile and corrosive, and leave behind toxic residuals. This can lead to unsafe conditions for workers and damage to equipment. Clean Chemistry’s patented solutions combine reactive oxygen species (ROS) and a highly tunable system to reduce and remove contaminants effectively, efficiently, and economically, to your unique specifications. Our water treatment technology is noncombustable, nontoxic, and noncorrosive. This makes our solutions safer for people and equipment.

Our Solutions Are Environmentally Friendly

Clean Chemistry’s water treatment technology utilizes proprietary oxidant chemistries that produce environmentally benign residuals that are biodegradable. We are the only oil field service company, and one of only a handful of all companies invited by the EPA to participate in the P2 (Pollution Prevention) Recognition Project. The project honors companies for developing innovative chemistry and technologies that further pollution prevention and other environmental goals. The EPA screens up to 2500 chemicals a year looking for products that are safer substitutes for existing products, less toxic, and have fewer associated toxic chemicals, e.g., feedstocks, byproducts, impurities, etc., products that result in pollution prevention and source reduction, use recycling processes that reduce exposures or releases, and/or conserve energy and water during their manufacture, processing or use.

Vision, Mission & Values


Revolutionize water management through advanced chemical process solutions.


Execute at the highest level.

Core Values

  • Innovation
  • Simplicity
  • Quality
  • Passion


Clean Chemistry was founded in 2012 by Wayne Buschmann and Damon Waters to commercialize a new family of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) chemistries. Wayne developed new methods of producing unique and user-friendly oxidation chemistries which outperform 100-year-old chlorine based technology that has been hazardous to human health and the environment. Clean Chemistry quickly initiated patent filings aggressively protecting this high performance, high value chemistry.

Oxidants and disinfectants are critical tools in countless markets and industry is demanding safer, cleaner alternatives. However, introducing new chemical materials into commerce requires various registrations with government regulators. Clean Chemistry has already secured the necessary registrations for certain industrial water management applications and continues to diligently pursue registrations for markets such as food & beverage and medical. This regulatory schedule led the company to focus its initial effort in the upstream oil and gas segment.

Clean Chemistry started building commercial field systems and conducting field trials in early 2014. Our first, full-scale installation came in October of that year and has been running every day since treating thousands of barrels of oilfield wastewater each day.

The company has now served customers in Colorado, Texas, Pennsylvania and North Dakota.

In late 2014 the Clean Chemistry raised $2.2 million in Series A funding to ramp up sales and marketing for upstream oil and gas applications. Houston-based Mercury Fund led the round.

Clean Chemistry maintains its focus in upstream oil & gas but anticipates broad applicability and adoption of its innovative, chlorine-free, ROS treatment solutions. Clean Chemistry is exploring partnerships to penetrate pulp & paper, cooling towers, food & beverage, medical and other industries.


Wayne Buschmann, PhD – CTO

Wayne Buschmann invented the core technologies behind Clean Chemistry and brings 20 years of experience fulfilling a variety of research and entrepreneurial roles. Prior to Clean Chemistry he created two small businesses focused on emerging technologies, one of which laid the foundation for Clean Chemistry. Wayne previously led numerous technology development programs supported by the U.S. Department of Defense, Department of Energy, NASA, Department of Agriculture, Environmental Protection Agency and private contracts. His academic background is in chemistry with extensive experience with water treatment technologies, materials science, industrial electrochemical processes, process design and equipment fabrication. He also serves on the board of directors for a special district water utility. Wayne was a Postdoctoral Associate at Los Alamos National Lab, received his Doctorate in Chemistry from the University of Utah and Bachelors of Science in Chemistry from the University of New Hampshire.