Clean Chemistry Soil and Groundwater Remediation

Water Treatment Technology for Environmental Remediation

Meeting today’s stricter environmental regulations is challenging. Removal of contaminants from water both groundwater and soil can be costly and time-consuming. Clean Chemistry’s technology enables remediation efforts to restore brownfield sites cost-effectively and efficiently.

Soil and Groundwater Remediation

Clean Chemistry offers a suite of liquid injectables for oxidative-reductive contaminant degradation and oxygen release.

PeroxyMax™ has enhanced oxidation capabilities for organic contaminant breakdown employing elevated levels of singlet oxygen which is known to oxidize a variety of electron­‐rich substrates including olefins, natural organic materials, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, halogenated aromatic hydrocarbon, phenols, brominated flame retardants and many others.

Superoxide­‐HP™ is the first liquid concentrate to provide superoxide in combination with hydrogen peroxide. Superoxide has been recognized as the key reactive oxygen species involved with contaminant decomposition in soil and groundwater remediation performing oxidative and reductive reaction mechanisms. Superoxide is particularly effective at degrading a variety of substrates including most halocarbons, polychlorinated biphenyls and phenols, trifluorooctanioic acid and highly oxidized metal ions and compounds.

  • Delivery of multiple reactive oxygen species at natural pH of soil and groundwater
  • Solution phase oxygen release compounds with greater mobility than slurries
  • Compatible with salinity (improved performance in saline groundwater and use in clayey soils)
  • Compatible with sulfate or alkaline pH to reduce mineral/contaminant leaching
  • Co­‐inject with fatty acids and glycerides as fermentable substrates for enhanced biological remediation
  • Off-grid operation is standard with only a small power source required

Clean Chemistry Acid Mine Drainage Solutions

Acid Mine Drainage

PeroxyMax produces coagulation and floc formation directly in water streams containing metals and fine suspended solids. The amount of flocculant or settling aid is minimized to have insignificant cost impact since PeroxyMax does virtually all of the work. Off-grid operation is standard with only a small power source required.

PeroxyMax has virtually no impact on solution pH and can reduce or eliminate traditional coagulants and excess pH adjustment. PeroxyMax outperforms electro-coagulation for large and variable-volume treatment without the high energy, electrode cleaning and replacement costs or hazards of hydrogen gas evolution.

  • Low solids/sludge production, up to 60% less than traditional lime clarification
  • Minimal impact on pH, effective over a wide range of conditions from acid to neutral to alkaline
  • Highly effective removal of metals, fine suspended solids and impurities that co-precipitate
  • More stable metal oxide sludge formation
  • Synergistic, cost saving performance with select floc/settling aids
  • Rapidly oxidizes hydrogen sulfide, cyanide
  • Totally chlorine free
  • No chlorate or bromate residuals as produced by chlorine dioxide or ozone
  • Cheaper, lower maintenance, significantly less power consumption than electro-coagulation
  • Can be used upstream of a variety of conventional clarifiers