Cooling Water

Water falls into a cooling tower basin

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Smart solutions for cooling water treatment.

Corrosion, scaling, biological contamination and deposits are common threats to cooling towers and cooling systems, which can result in higher operating costs, shortened equipment service life and unexpected down time. Clean Chemistry offers high performance, economical microbial control programs. In combination with real-time process monitoring and data analysis, these products and services can improve plant operations and mitigate common cooling water issues, improve water quality and provide a greater ROI, which is realized in cost savings and liability management.


  • Energy and water savings
  • Reduced corrosion and deposits
  • Improved facility safety
  • Enhanced environmental compliance

Clean Chemistry’s PeroxyMAX advanced oxidation chemistry is an effective, halogen-free alternative to conventional oxidizing biocides. It can be safely used in combination with many other microbial control and water treatment chemicals in cooling systems without the risk of fuming or toxic halogenated byproducts production. The chemistry does not introduce salt or scaling minerals thereby leading to lower total dissolved solids, lower corrosion potential and greater operational and water use efficiency.

How it Works

PeroxyMAX is a liquid oxidant formulation that is dispensed into a cooling tower sump, water flow line or pump basin. Microbial control performance is enhanced by reactive oxygen chemistry released during use. PeroxyMAX is effective in high stress water applications while being less damaging to equipment and compatible with common corrosion, scale and deposit control products and “tagged” chemical monitoring systems.

PeroxyMAX is effective at acidic, neutral and alkaline pH with the highest reactive oxygen activity at the highest temperatures encountered at the condenser, where microbial control and deposit prevention is most critical for cooling efficiency and corrosion control. It is applied as a continuous feed or periodic shock dose and works synergistically with a number of non-oxidizing biocides and biodispersants. It has no significant interference with hypochlorite and bromine products making it safe and convenient to switch between products.

Environmentally Friendlier

PeroxyMAX does not contain chlorine, chlorate, chlorite, chloride, sulfate or phosphates, it contributes less organic carbon than peracetic acid and avoids formation of trihalomethanes (THM), haloacetic acids (HAA) or other toxic halogenated organics. These attributes ensure lower environmental impacts from PeroxyMAX and help to meet limits on salts, phosphorus, BOD and disinfection byproducts.