Water drips off of a leaf and into a lake

PeroxyMAX is a safer choice for the environment when used in cooling water treatment programs. Effective microbial control has the greatest impact on reducing energy consumption, maintaining cooling efficiency, preventing biological deposits and corrosion, and protecting nearby communities. A microbial control program using PeroxyMAX can achieve these objectives in a more sustainable way by avoiding toxic byproducts in blowdown, preventing loss of product to evaporation, and using materials that are non-persistent in the environment.

Environmentally Friendlier

As a green chemistry technology, the inherent properties of PeroxyMAX ensure lower impacts to the environment.

  • Does not contain chlorine, chlorate, chlorite, chloride, sulfate or phosphates.
  • Contributes less organic carbon than standard grades of peracetic acid.
  • Avoids formation of trihalomethanes (THM), haloacetic acids (HAA) or other toxic halogenated byproducts or volatile compounds like chloramines.
  • Helps to meet limits on salts, phosphorus, BOD and disinfection byproducts.

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