Green Chemistry

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Clean Chemistry addresses a combination of green chemistry principles and pollution prevention methods to achieve its sustainability goals of increased safety for workers, the public, and the environment.

The twelve design principles of green chemistry provide a criterion for designing inherently safer chemistry for accident prevention and reduced environmental footprint. In this context, Clean Chemistry’s technology represents a major innovation for industrial oxidants.

Design Principle Advantage Provided by PeroxyMAX
Prevent Waste
  • No production byproduct waste stream.
  • No toxic residues from consumed product.
  • Prevents halogenated VOC or byproduct formation.
  • Eliminates use of stabilizers with environmental toxicity.
Atom Economy
  • Reduced mass of inputs per mass of active product.
  • High efficiency conversion of inputs.
Less Hazardous Chemical Synthesis
  • Safe, ambient temperature and pressure process.
  • Water-based chemistry.
  • Safer, lower concentration product.
  • Low chemical volume in process, on-demand production.
  • No toxic gas or flammability hazards in process.
Designing Safer Chemicals
  • Safer to handle, does not fume, low exposure hazard.
  • Easy to contain in water solution.
  • Safer to combine with other chemicals in application.
  • Does not ignite clothing or combustable materials.
Safer Solvents
  • The solvent for PeroxyMAX is water.
Design for Energy Efficiency
  • Low operating power, standard wall outlet, off-grid compatible.
  • No product refrigeration required.
Use of Renewable Feedstocks
  • Carbon feedstock is derived from renewable resources.
  • Second feedstock can be made by an enzymatic process.
Reduced Derivatives
  • No derivative steps in the production process.
  • No catalysts used in the production process.
Design for Degradation
  • Active product has a relatively short half-life.
  • Product residuals are non-toxic, rapidly biodegradable.
  • Feedstocks are non-persistent, degrade rapidly.
Real-Time Analysis for Pollution Prevention
  • Continuous production process QA/QC controls and monitoring.
  • Process upsets do not produce toxic hazards.
Inherently Safer Chemistry for Accident Prevention
  • Substitution of more hazardous materials.
  • Minimize fugitive emissions and VOCs.
  • Reduce occupational exposure hazards.
  • Eliminate active product chemistry storage on site.

Want to know more?

Chemical hazard reduction and elimination at the source is the most effective method to protect workers. By switching to PeroxyMAX, customers in a wide range of industries can see improved safety and reduced environmental impact without sacrificing efficacy, performance or inflating costs.