Equipment & Platform

Clean Chemistry's shop in Midland, TX houses a trailer and manufacturing space


Clean Chemistry’s advanced chemical production and treatment platform is a new innovation that makes PeroxyMAX with singlet oxygen chemistry available on a commercial scale. The convergence of operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) systems have enabled the creation of a “smart” platform to reliably generate PeroxyMAX while providing treatment automation, real-time QA/QC, cloud-connected data and reporting, and remote connectivity for service support and unstaffed operations. This platform also delivers other complementary water treatment products used in broader service packages. Together these features improve efficiency, reliability, transparency, and accountability.

Treatment System

For most industrial applications, treatment systems have a small footprint and require less power than a household dishwasher. The system operates near atmospheric pressure and contains less than 4 liters of product solution. A standard system with a 3 ft. by 4 ft. footprint produces 400-2000 lb. per day PeroxyMAX (measured as peracetate). Systems can be scaled up or down to meet application demand and configured to meet space constraints.

Sensor feedback, automated dosing

Cloud data storage and analysis

Real-time remote monitoring and control

Low cost, capitol, and energy requirements

Automated, customizable daily reporting

safe chemicals, equipment, operations

Information System

Clean Chemistry’s treatment processes and services are data driven for quality and transparency. Data from treatment systems and field measurements are collected for analysis, reporting and archiving. Dashboards are used for internal management of operations and for external customer visibility to provide peace of mind. Automated reporting is available to provide a record of key performance parameters during operations.

A laptop, tablet and phone display automated monitoring and reporting.
A Clean Chemistry operator enters data on-site.