Clean Chemistry Active Oxygen Technology for the Oil Field

Innovative, tunable upstream water management solutions.

PeroxyMAX enables separations in oil field fluids. Clean Chemistry developed a new, liquid chemistry for fluids-solids separations, oil-water separations, and contaminant removal (H2S, Iron, TSS, flowback residuals).

PeroxyMAX sets a new standard in water treatment tunability. As source and production waters get more variable and harder to treat, advanced chemistry coupled with an efficient process enables operators to achieve “factory water” at a low cost.

Innovative Chemistry
Clean Chemistry has developed pathways for the production and use of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) to enable separations for superior water treatment. Using approaches not previously known or exploited, Clean Chemistry’s technology represents a significant disruption to the current inefficiencies in the production, distribution and performance of oxidation and disinfection chemistry. Singlet oxygen and superoxide are powerful, selective oxidants with environmentally benign residuals.

Fancy Chemistry, Simple Equipment
Instead of expensive, fancy equipment, we use low cost, fancy chemistry. Clean Chemistry has developed and patented the only known production processes for large scale quantities of these ROS in easy to use, liquid formulations.

Cost effective treatment requires advanced chemistry coupled with an efficient process. Clean Chemistry’s mobile field systems provide tunable treatment of 5,000 to 70,000 bbl/day. Our system footprint is the size of a pallet and yet capable of treating the largest flow rates. We can adjust chemical inputs in real time so we can handle worst-case but can also tune way down and save money on easy water.

Oil Field Applications

Clean Chemistry’s ROS solutions oxidize contaminants and other constituents in solution enabling separations for fluid recovery and water re-use.

Water treatment for reuse. Tighter economics in the oil patch require a factory approach to operations. This is a challenge for water reuse for hydraulic fracturing when the source water is constantly changing. Tunability to handle a wide range of source waters and consistently meet treatment spec has been the biggest shortcoming of the first generation of water treatment technology deployed for unconventional oil and gas.

We’ve solved that problem – you need tunability. Clean Chemistry’s tunable treatment platform enables us to take early flowback or benign production water and economically meet treatment goals. We’re able to meet strict treatment specifications by turning knobs (adjusting chemicals feeds) on our system. We can handle the worst case and also reduce customer cost when the water is easy.

PeroxyMAX treatment provides chemical oxidation with solids separation. Simple, fast, economic. And we always meet spec. Our treatment produces a clean brine from produced and flowback water by oxidizing dissolved metals, initiating floc of solids, oil & grease for easy, economic separation yielding a clean re-use water.

Water Clarification, Re-use with Selective Clarification

Oil recovery. PeroxyMAX treatment disrupts the charge of the interfacial films thereby breaking emulsions and enabling better oil recovery from production fluids.

Oil-Water Separation with PeroxyMAX

Frac-on-the-fly. For completions, operators using fresh water, recycled produced water or a blend require that source water to be free of bacteria, metals and solids. Clean Chemistry’s single dose point will oxidize and if desired, remove these contaminants enabling low cost completions.

Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Mitigation. Clean Chemistry’s proprietary family of ROS chemistries safely and directly oxidizes H2S to elemental sulfur for safe handling and disposal. Clean Chemistry can mitigate H2S in production fluids in transfer lines, at the separator or downhole in contaminated wells.

H2S Mitigation Comparison with Chlorine Dioxide
Sour Well Treatment Case Study
Video: Clean Chemistry reduces H2S production from Bakken well
Video: Clean Chemistry treats high H2S water

Pond Management. Clean Chemistry has helped control odors at oil field disposal ponds.

Article: “Odor lingers over Deer Creek wastewater pond” Grand Junction Daily Sentinal