Food and Beverage

A safer, easy to use and more cost-effective option for water treatment applications.

Clean Chemistry recognized the need for chemistry innovation in food and beverage preparation.

The solution: PeroxyMAX™, an environmentally responsible, on-demand biocide solution that delivers rapid microbial control in the food and beverage industry. PeroxyMAX safely and efficiently treats water and eliminates pathogens and spoilage during harvesting, processing and packaging. The many benefits of PeroxyMAX will enhance safety and efficiency in any food processing operation.

Improved Safety is Part of the Solution

PeroxyMAX is a rapid-acting biocide that is made onsite and controlled automatically to ensure optimal performance. It can be easily integrated into any existing food processing water treatment system with state-of-the-art dosing, control and data logging to ensure compliance with food safety regulations.ᅠ
  • No start-up or lag time: Feed PeroxyMAX on-demand when needed.
  • No noxious odors or dangerous off-gassing unlike other commonly used oxidizers. Plant personnel will notice the difference.
  • Lower corrosion profile while maintaining exceptional efficacy compared to traditional oxidizer chemistries. This results in longer equipment life and less equipment repair and replacement.
  • Utilizes GRAS and commonly used chemicals in the food plant to generate PeroxyMAX onsite.
  • Lower labor costs: no mixing and measuring of chemicals.
  • Breaks down to natural ingredients
  • Lower potential to increase BOD in wastewater compared to other oxidizers

PeroxyMAX is cost efficient, providing substantial cost savings for the customer.

  • Lower transportation cost of chemicals.
  • Lower inventory holding costs of concentrated hazardous chemicals onsite.
  • Reduced equipment costs. PeroxyMAX treatment platform contains pumps, controllers, data-logging and remote control capabilities.ᅠ

Small Equipment Footprint

The small footprint of Clean Chemistry’s innovative chemical treatment platform is designed to fit into congested areas of a food processing plant. Remote control and automation capabilities allow for dosage adjustment on the fly and provide more control compared to other chemical delivery systems.

A wide range of applications will enhance every step of the food preparation process.

Current EPA Registered Applications:

  • Post-Harvest Water Treatment (fruit and vegetable processing): PeroxyMAX controls the growth of spoilage and decay-causing bacterial and fungal diseases on fruits and vegetables in post-harvest storage.
  • Irrigation Water Treatment (irrigation water lines, ponds, canals and reservoirs): PeroxyMAX controls sulfides, odor, slime and algae in irrigation water systems.
  • Industrial Cooling Water Treatment: PeroxyMAX is used in recirculating and non-recirculating water systems to control slime forming bacteria.ᅠ

Future EPA or FDA Registered Applications:

  • Cleaning and sanitization in food plants, dairies, breweries and wineriesᅠ
  • Combination disinfection and cleaning
  • Foam cleaning of food and non-food contact surfaces
  • Final bottle or container rinse
  • Drip irrigation system cleaning
  • Spray tank treatments for agricultural water
  • Greenhouse water treatment
  • Hydroponics water treatment
  • Agriculture foliar spray applications
  • Poultry, swine and livestock water treatment
  • Disinfection of livestock housing facilities
  • Municipal wastewater treatment
  • Antimicrobial protein intervention (meat, poultry and seafood)
  • Processed fruit and vegetable water treatment

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