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Smart and Reliable Deployment

The deployment and application of Clean Chemistry’s water treatment system is achieved with a smart platform that reliably generates PeroxyMAX™ while providing treatment automation, real-time QA/QC, cloud-connected data and reporting, and remote connectivity for service support and monitoring. The convergence of operational and information technology systems enables the smart platform to reliably generate singlet oxygen chemistry on a commercial scale.

Flexible Deployment Options

PeroxyMAX can be safely generated on-demand, near the point of application, and injected into the water stream where it is most needed: at the wellsite, at a pulp mill bleaching plant or on a food processing production line. In these applications, other oxidants are more challenging to use due to safety, odor, corrosion or chemical compatibility limitations.ᅠ

  • Automated chemical treatment platform networked for monitoring, data and remote access
  • Sensor-integrated and controlled treatment processes
  • Cloud-based data collection/monitoring/analysis access for customers
  • Field operator job portal and communication systems
  • Full visibility and tracking of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Remote connectivity for unmanned operations
  • Low CAPEX and OPEX keeps project costs on target
  • Real-time remote monitoring and control
  • Automated, customizable daily reporting

The Smart Chemical
Treatment Platform

This small-footprint platform requires less power than a household dishwasher. A standard 3 ft by 4 ft sized system can produce 400 to 2000 pounds of PeroxyMAX a day. Systems can be scaled up or down to meet applications requirements and space constraints.

The PeroxyMAX Oxidation
Technology Trailer

Utilizes smart technology, enhanced automation, data driven quality control and adaptable chemical dosing for improved onsite operations. Quick setup, fast deployment and full cloud-backed connectivity allow PeroxyMAX technology to be deployed to any application location.ᅠ

Smart Chemical Treatment Platform

Clean Chemistry’s robust, modular chemical treatment platform is built to operate in industrial environments for long-term or permanent installations. The platform’s space and power requirements are minimal, meaning it can fit into the existing infrastructure of most industrial plants. The system is self-contained and includes pumps, controllers, data-logging and remote control capabilities.

The small footprint of Clean Chemistry’s innovative chemical treatment platform is designed to be easily deployed into congested industrial areas including food processing plants, the bleach plant of a paper mill, an oil or gas rig location, or a water cooling tower. Systems can be scaled up or down to meet application demand and configured to meet space constraints. 

This platform also delivers other complementary water treatment products used in broader service packages. Together these features improve efficiency, reliability, transparency and accountability.

  • Simple installation into existing water treatment system
  • Low power requirements compared to current systems
  • Operates at near atmospheric pressure
  • Contains less than four liters of product solution
  • Standard 3-ft by 4-ft system produces 400 to 2000 pounds of PeroxyMAX (measured as peracetate) a day

PeroxyMAX Oxidation
Technology Trailer

Our trailer mounted unit for simplified logistics and deployment to any project site.

PeroxyMAX™ Oxidation Technology trailer utilizes smarter technology, enhanced automation, data driven quality control and adaptable chemical dosing for improved onsite operations. The new trailer mounted unit provides a simpler, smaller equipment footprint and less capital investment for water treatment at any project site. The enhanced trailer design includes a proprietary equipment package while a standard design means the unit is easily manufactured to meet the demand of water treatment in any industry. For use at oil and gas, pulp and paper, cooling water and other sites, the trailer provides onsite water treatment solutions that enhance safety, quality, reliability and transparency of service to our customers.
  • Connectivity: Cloud-backed tracking of treatment performance data, PeroxyMAX generation statistics and automated daily reports.ᅠ
  • Precise Measurement Sensors: Inline quality sensors and flow meters track quality and control precise chemical treatment. Dedicated flow meters control and monitor chemical consumption.
  • Chemical Dosing Capacity: Chemical rates and composition can be adjusted to match job parameters or changes in the treatment plan.
  • Autonomous, Remotely Monitored Operation: All Clean Chemistry water treatment trailers incorporate remote monitoring and control by our QA/QC specialists. Specialists can intervene remotely for continuous treatment in case of system alerts and alarms. Currently most trailers for frac-on-the-fly water treatment jobs are staffed while most of the jobs for treating produced water are unmanned.
  • Simplified Logistics and Deployment: The new trailer-mounted system means jobs are more easily scheduled and crews and trailer are kept busy. Maintenance is performed in the field. Units can be on site for as long as needed, from several weeks to several months. The trailer can be set up in as little as four to six hours if necessary.
Mobile installations


CHEMICAL PUMP RATE RANGE (per pump) 0.5 gpm @ 125 psi

0.8 gpm @ 100 psi

1.5 gal/min @ 50 psi


30 and 50 A Connections

PUMP CONFIGURATIONS (8 total pumps) 2 to 4 PeroxyMAX™

4 to 6 Other Chemical or Additives


Executional Excellence

Clean Chemistry’s chemical, equipment and service packages optimize water treatment operations by using smarter technology, automation, data-driven quality control and adaptable chemical dosing. The system provides automated dispensing of multiple chemical products and provides process data that can be viewed, archived and analyzed. Systems are integrated with external process sensors and are connected to the cloud for online monitoring and remote operations.

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