Boulder, Colorado, June 26, 2023 – Clean Chemistry, Inc. (the “Company”), an innovative provider of water treatment and microbial control technologies, today announced that Brent Bankosky, a leading specialty chemical executive, will join the Company as President of Food and Beverage.

Brent is a senior chemical industry executive that brings extensive experience associated with the manufacturing and sale of specialty biocides, including Peracetic Acid (PAA), Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2), and other EPA and FDA regulated products. Brent’s primary expertise is in the food and beverage space, but he has also grown businesses in other regulated microbial control markets.

Nick Gardiner, Clean Chemistry’s Chief Executive Officer said, “We are very pleased to welcome Brent to the Clean Chemistry team. Our patented PeroxyMAX™ oxidation technology has already seen great success in the energy and pulp and paper industries, and Brent is the ideal leader to drive Clean Chemistry’s expansion into the food and beverage market. The key technical advantages of PeroxyMAX™ – enhanced safety, more effective microbial treatment and cleaner ingredients – are perfectly suited for the massive (and growing) food and beverage microbial control marketplace. Brent has an incredible track record of business growth and technical achievements in this arena, and we are thrilled that he has joined our team.”

Brent Bankosky said, “Imagine an on-demand biocide generation technology with superior efficacy in highly contaminated food processing water that, (i) is made right at the plant only when needed, (ii) can be safely used alongside other sanitizers in the food plant, (iii) is odorless and less corrosive and (iv) requires less space for chemical inventory. This is PeroxyMAX™. I look forward to working with Nick and the Clean Chemistry team to introduce this cleaner and superior product to the food and beverage market.”

Brent was most recently Chief Revenue Officer at Meras Water Solutions. Previously, Brent was Vice President and Business Leader for Arxada and President of Enviro Tech Chemical Services. Brent was instrumental in Enviro Tech’s rapid growth and ultimate sale to Arxada in 2021. Brent holds an MS in Molecular Biology from Lehigh University and a BS and MBA from Pennsylvania State University.

About Clean Chemistry

Clean Chemistry, a portfolio company of Black Bay Energy Capital, is a technology-forward organization focused on solving industry’s water treatment and microbial control issues with cleaner, safer chemistry. PeroxyMAX™, Clean Chemistry’s foundational oxidant technology, is currently being utilized in full-cycle water treatment solutions for the energy, pulp and paper, and cooling tower industries with near-term expansion plans into food and beverage and other industrial water treatment applications. In every industry served, Clean Chemistry strives to provide sustainable, customizable and smart solutions for difficult treatment problems.


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