Boulder, Colorado, February 14, 2024 – Clean Chemistry, Inc. (the “Company”), an innovative provider of water treatment and microbial control technologies, announced two critical certifications for the use of PeroxyMAX™ oxidant technology in the food and beverage industry. The new credentials – an FDA Food Contact Notification (“FCN”) and a Star-K Kosher for Passover certification – enable the Company to rapidly accelerate its growth plans for this critical market.

Nick Gardiner, Clean Chemistry’s President and CEO, stated “These two certifications are key to our expansion within the food and beverage industry, building on our current EPA-registered applications that include post-harvest water treatment, irrigation water treatment and industrial cooling water treatment. We are thrilled to have the FDA’s regulatory approval and deliver a cleaner, safer and more cost-effective microbial control chemistry to a broader client base.”

The Company’s President of Food and Beverage, Brent Bankosky, added “When compared to other commonly used oxidizers, PeroxyMAX delivers an improved safety and environmental profile – very low odors, reduced corrosivity, lower BOD5 levels, and no more than a few liters of finished PeroxyMAX on site at any given point in time. Implementation of PeroxyMAX, which can be used over a wide pH range, can lessen chemical transportation costs, lower onsite chemical inventory requirements, and materially reduce new capital requirements for plant operators.”

With this new comprehensive FDA approval (FCN # 002352), Clean Chemistry’s unique PeroxyMAX formulation can now be used as an antimicrobial agent for the following applications within the food and beverage industry:     

1. In process water, ice or brine used in washing, rinsing, scalding, or cooling whole or cut meat and poultry carcasses, parts, trim, and organs. 
2. In process water, ice, or brine used in washing, rinsing, or cooling processed and preformed meat and poultry products.
3. In process water or ice for washing, rinsing, chilling or processing fruits and vegetables in food processing facilities. 
4. In process water and ice used to commercially prepare fish and seafood. 
5. During the tempering and before the milling of grains of wheat, corn, and rice. 
6. In water for washing shell eggs. 
7. In spray, wash, dip, rinse, mist, or chiller water for hard boiled, peeled eggs. 
8. In liquid, pasteurized whey used in the production of whey protein concentrate. 
9. In wash water used to manufacture lactose. 
10. In brines, sauces, and marinades applied either on the surface or injected into processed or unprocessed, cooked, or uncooked, whole or cut poultry parts or pieces. 
11. In surface sauces and in marinades applied on processed and preformed meat and poultry products. 
12. Alone or in combination with other processes in the commercial sterilization of aseptic filling systems and glass and plastic food packaging and their closures prior to filling. 

About Clean Chemistry

Clean Chemistry, a portfolio company of Black Bay Energy Capital, is a technology-forward organization focused on solving industry’s water treatment and microbial control issues with cleaner, safer chemistry. PeroxyMAX™, Clean Chemistry’s foundational oxidant technology, is currently being utilized in full-cycle water treatment solutions for the energy, food and beverage, pulp and paper, and cooling tower industries with near-term expansion plans into other industrial water treatment applications. In every industry served, Clean Chemistry strives to provide sustainable, customizable, and smart solutions for difficult treatment problems.


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