Clean Chemistry today unveiled its newly designed water treatment trailer. For use at oil and gas, pulp and paper, cooling water and other sites, the trailer provides onsite water treatment solutions that enhance safety, quality, reliability and transparency of service to our customers. The new trailer is currently on its first deployment in South Texas where it is performing admirably.

Nick Gardiner, Clean Chemistry President said. “Our new PeroxyMAX™ Oxidation Technology trailer utilizes smarter technology, enhanced automation, data driven quality control and adaptable chemical dosing for improved onsite operations. I’m proud of the efforts made by our engineering and manufacturing team during the new trailer design process, where they focused on enhanced capabilities, improved service quality, and easier maintenance.”

Some of the features of the treatment trailer include:

Connectivity Cloud: backed tracking of treatment performance data, PeroxyMAX generation statistics and automated daily reports. All Clean Chemistry water treatment trailers incorporate remote monitoring and control by our QA/QC specialists.

Automation: Inline quality sensors and flow meters track quality and control precise chemical treatment. Dedicated flow meters control and monitor chemical consumption.

Chemical dosing capacity: Chemical dosing pumps (up to eight) for oxidants, preservative biocides, scale inhibitors, clay control, surfactants and more.

About PeroxyMAX™

PeroxyMAX™ is a patented liquid oxidant, registered with the EPA as a biocide, and formulated to generate large quantities of reactive oxygen species (ROS) for a wide range of uses. This advanced, unique, oxidation technology is at the heart of Clean Chemistry’s treatment solutions. Customers across a wide range of industries benefit from improved safety, performance and efficiency while reducing environmental impact with net cost savings.”

About Clean Chemistry

Founded in 2012, Clean Chemistry is committed to customer-inspired innovation and continuous growth. PeroxyMAX, Clean Chemistry’s foundational oxidant technology, was discovered, optimized and commercialized in-house for use in multiple industries. We currently provide full cycle water treatment solutions for the oil and gas industry, cooling water treatment, pulp and paper industry and more. In every industry we serve, Clean Chemistry strives to provide sustainable, customizable, and smart solutions for difficult treatment problems. To find out more, please contact our sales team at:


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