Midland, Texas, October 20, 2023 – A recent article in the Midland Reporter-Telegram explains how a Garden City farmer successfully used PeroxyMAX™ to clean and unplug his drip irrigation system. 

Darren Jost of Darren Jost Farms approached Clean Chemistry about issues he was having with fungus and bacteria growing and clogging the emitters in his drip irrigation system. “He’d been trying several different chemistries to break the emitters free of bacteria,” Brent Bankosky, president, food and beverage at Clean Chemistry told the Reporter-Telegram by telephone. “I suggested PeroxyMAX. In West Texas, it is typically used to clean water prior to it being injected downhole in fracturing operations, but it’s been used in California for some time to clean irrigation lines.”

PeroxyMAX™ is Clean Chemistry’s on-site generated oxidant solution that is showing promise for remediating plugged drip irrigation systems. PeroxyMAX is a safer chemistry with enhanced performance and lower corrosivity than other oxidizers that exhibits no harmful effects to soil or plants. You can read the article here.  

About PeroxyMAX™

PeroxyMAX™ is a patented liquid oxidant, registered with the EPA as a biocide, and formulated to generate large quantities of reactive oxygen species (ROS) for a wide range of uses. This advanced, unique, oxidation technology is at the heart of Clean Chemistry’s treatment solutions. Customers across a wide range of industries benefit from improved safety, performance and efficiency while reducing environmental impact with net cost savings.  

About Clean Chemistry

Founded in 2012, Clean Chemistry is committed to customer-inspired innovation and continuous growth. PeroxyMAX, Clean Chemistry’s foundational oxidant technology, was discovered, optimized and commercialized in-house for use in multiple industries. We currently provide full cycle water treatment solutions for the oil and gas industry, cooling water treatment, pulp and paper industry and more. In every industry we serve, Clean Chemistry strives to provide sustainable, customizable, and smart solutions for difficult treatment problems. To find out more about the many benefits and applications of PeroxyMAX, please contact our sales team at: connect@cleanchemi.com.