A new chemistry solution, first developed for the food and beverage industry, provides an environmentally safe and economical alternative for upstream water treatment without the hazards or cost of traditional oxidizers or conventional biocides.

While water use has always been an issue, it was only in the late 1990s that unchecked water use in the oil field became a concern, with the industry competing with agriculture and cities for clean water supplies. Hydraulically fracturing shale formations brought the country energy independence, but it also highlighted the large amount of water needed to successfully execute the process.

In the last decade, this was further exacerbated by investors wanting greener, more environmentally friendly companies to invest in. The perfect nexus of environmental stewardship, innovative technology and good business practices brought scientists’ thinking out of the box while adapting technologies from other industries.

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Clean Chemistry, a portfolio company of Black Bay Energy Capital, is a technology-forward organization focused on solving industry’s water treatment and microbial control issues with cleaner, safer chemistry. PeroxyMAX™, Clean Chemistry’s foundational oxidant technology, is currently being utilized in full-cycle water treatment solutions for the energy, pulp and paper, and cooling tower industries with near-term expansion plans into food and beverage and other industrial water treatment applications. In every industry served, Clean Chemistry strives to provide sustainable, customizable and smart solutions for difficult treatment problems.

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